This is the new, fresh www.ruska-iws.com homepage!
Since Ruska, who I named this page after, and Nemi, our Min Pin, now have another homepage this site will be my photo homepage.

Some of you that have visited us before know that I like to take pictures and that I haven't been showing any new ones in a year or two... I will definitely try to change that now and I hope you will like them as much as I do!

My favorite thing to capture with the camera is, as you will notice, dogs. I try to take other pictures to, for example of places or flowers...But since my heart beats for dogs and especially the Irish Water Spaniel the majority of the pics will be of four legged ones..

If you are an Irish Water Spaniel lover, or maybe even owned by one, you will probably find lots of pictures to look at and maybe even something to read about the breed. I try to visit dog shows where Irish Water Spaniels are entered to picture them and just to look and admire those beautiful, curly, puce liver colored dog and this has resulted in a good amount of pics. At the moment you will find Irish Water Spaniel pictures taken in Sweden, Finland, England and Ireland.


Latest update
2010-03-31: Ruska-iws.com moved to a new hosting provider, the mail was down for a few days. Sorry about that. :)

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